Shown prototypes were all created without plugs!

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References from Italy                                                  Planned: EISENMAN ARCHITECTS NEW YORK USA


... Was Finished in Italy recently.                            The youngest t-anchor project in Italy. with 8 cm natural stone slab.                                          Reference Project (Video)                                                                                             

For the patented T-Nutanker a Customary screw DIN 603 is used V4A Solemnity. The cost is less than / pcs about 0.10


The façade skin from sustainable natural stone is screwed to the concrete wall.

The patented T-anchor makes the façade fastening dowel-free even in cracked concrete. (Extensive study LGA Würzburg)

Company structure with single brackets.
Anchor bolts DIN 603 T-slot are releasable Steinverschraubung

Anchors the famous wall mounting in buildings


           Hollow drill        duty anchor    Undercut anchors
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With the milling machine facade panels and concrete wall to be milled.
Pictured example shown, a plate size> 2.2 sqm, 4cm thick (raw plate)


Non-positive   and      Originalfräszeit in concrete and natural stone is shown in the video.